Tuesday, April 23, 2058

Ultimate Microguides

So, what exactly is an Ultimate Microguide? You have heard about Pocket Guides? They are small books that easily fit in your pocket or purse. The use of the word Ultimate implies that it is more than just a basic introduction to a topic. The Microguide is the most important material from the Ultimate Pocket Guide. You don't like reading 80 - 120 pages at a time to learn something new? The Ultimate Microguide is what you are looking for. In addition to being filled full of valuable information, they are FREE. They don't cost anything to read. You download them here, print them out and fold into 8 squares, make one cut, and with a little origami like finesse - viola you have an Ultimate Microguide.

The Ultimate Microguide is written by real authors and chocked full of information, presented in a succinct format and easy to understand. All of our publications are subject to a peer review process. Every publication has completed the editorial process. You know that each Ultimate Microguide is authentic by the QR Code on the back panel, the unique nine digit TUM#, and an accompanying article here. If the QR Code on the article here does not match the printed version, you should question the guide's authenticity.

While every Ultimate Guide is FREE as a PDF for you to print as often as you like, the information contained in each published guide is copyrighted. Each Ultimate Guide contains, on the back panel, the correct APA format for citing information contained within the guide. Please use the form on the right to request any of our published guides using the TUM#.