Monday, April 22, 2058

I want to be an author!

The difference between authors and everyone else who aspires to be an author is just one thing. Authors write and publish their works. It is safe to say that being published can be a daunting process. This is where LEARN2k Publishing comes in. LEARN2k Publishing is a peer reviewed publishing co-op. Stated simply, we have volunteer editors assigned to even your smallest publishing project. Your editor first reads your manuscript and then hand selects three professionals who have knowledge in your subject area. These three volunteer professionals, in many cases who are also published authors, will read your manuscript and give you written feedback. Your editor helps you finalize your manuscript for publishing.

You are ready to publish your Ultimate Microguide! The length of EVERY microgroguide is approximately 4100 characters. The final version of your guide will have a) the correct APA format citation; b) your email address; and c) a QR CODE and a unique TUM number. Now you are ready to market your guide!

To help our authors market their Ultimate Microguide, we help you write an enticing description for our site. This article is indexed by GOOGLE within 48 hours. We encourage you to simply offer your digital book in exchange for interested reader's email. This way, you are building a mailing list so you can personally announce future publications.

To get started today, email your request using the form on the right and we will send you The Ultimate Microguide Author's Template for FREE!